About Stacia



Hello and Welcome!

My name is Stacia and I am so glad you are here! I am here to help you sculpt long and lean muscles, as well as to help you build strength and muscular endurance through the alignment-based and challenging movements of barre and pilates. I hope you will join me on this journey! 

Why I am so passionate about sharing barre with you...

I am a nurse with a master’s of science in nursing from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, and a bachelor’s in biochemistry and molecular cell biology from UC Davis. Prior to my transition to college, I trained in classical ballet for over 4 hours six days a week. When I began my journey as a college and graduate student, studying for hours on end, and then transitioned to a bustling career as a nurse, I noticed my body aching, hurting, and stiffening in new ways. I am not particularly old, but after long study sessions as a student or multiple twelve hour shifts in a row spent mostly on my feet, moving and lifting patients and heavy equipment, I felt myself compensating muscularly in ways that left me on the cusp of injury. Having trained so heavily in classical ballet for much of my adolescence, I had been in generally decent shape for most of my life, so this was a new feeling for me. 

When I started taking barre classes with a yoga/pilates bent on a regular basis I noticed change not only in my physical strength and endurance, but more importantly in my muscular and postural awareness. I had amazing teachers whom I adore and inspired and challenged me to stay disciplined in taking care of myself and how I moved throughout the day. The body awareness I gleaned from barre class carried over to my day to day activities and I began to notice change not only in my posture but also the shape and length of my muscles. Whether sitting, standing, walking, or lifting, I realized how functional this type of exercise is for everyday life. I have never been one to take before and after shots with respect to fitness; rather, I see it as a way to enhance general health and wellbeing, mental acuity, physical stamina, strength, and, most importantly, confidence and body awareness so you can do whatever it is that you do on a daily basis, better. This is my hope for you. 

So, whether you are picking up kids and toys all day, sitting in front of a computer, or performing an intense manual labor job, barre is a form functional fitness designed to carry over into your everyday tasks. The exercises in these classes are designed to keep you cognizant of your posture and form, while also building muscles that are supple, lean, and powerful, all from the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you. 

I hope that as you take these classes you will be inspired, challenged, and surprised by how strong, capable, and uniquely beautiful you truly are!

xo, stacia