How to use the Videos

All barre videos with StaciaBWell are low impact, alignment-based movement, using mostly your body weight as resistance

60-70 Minute Full Body Barre

These 60-70 minute classes focus on the whole body. They are wonderful to do if you are not sure what you should do. All of these classes are structured similarly, however, each will use different exercises to challenge your body. You can not choose a a bad one! Each class offers modifications for challenging exercises, so all levels are welcome. We often (but not always!) begin with core work on the mat and move to arms and upper back, followed by legs, glutes, and abdominal work to finish. The length of these classes will challenge your muscular and mental endurance, which is foundational for building strong, lean, and supple muscle. An hour can often be difficult to carve out for most of us, so if that is where you find yourself, aim for a full body class once a week or every other week, and supplement the rest of your week with shorter, more focused videos. 

30-50 Minute Barre Intensive

These classes are intense and focused. We target either the upper body OR the lower body, and almost always include some core work (which is vital for any workout). Upper Body Barre Intensives often include the use of optional light hand weights (1-5lbs) with a variety of exercises to focus on shoulders, upper back, and all the muscles of the upper and lower arms. These classes conclude with a challenging abdominal series. Lower Body Barre Intensives focus solely on the legs and glutes, working the muscles of the inner and outer thighs, calves, and hamstrings, as well as all the muscle groups of the seat. Because these classes focus on a certain region of the body, we are able to hit these more intensely than in the full body classes. Hence, the focused muscular endurance required for these classes will yield promising results in both tone and strength to the targeted area. I recommend taking one upper body and/or one lower body intensive per week. 

20 Minutes or Less Barre Express

These express videos are short workouts (5-20 minutes) that target very specific body regions, even more targeted than the Upper and Lower Body Barre Intensives. While the Barre Intensives focus on the entirety of the upper body, for example, a barre express video may target only the biceps. These videos are great opportunities for you to work on areas of you body that you feel need a little extra love. They are also wonderful videos to do on the go. They can easily be done on a lunch break or when you are short on time but still want to squeeze a workout in. Most of these videos use very little equipment, or none at all, some don't even require you to be in exrercise clothes! These videos can supplement your workouts or act as stand alone workouts depending on what you want or what your body needs. Definitely give them a try!